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Order Book Depth
Taken from the order book, bids and asks are categorized into five categories. Which particular category is based on how much a bid or ask deviates from the highest bid or lowest ask.
With a highest bid being valued at 10, a bid at 9.8 would fall into category 1% - 2.5%. Categories are divided between these percentages: 0%, 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 25%.
An aggregated version of the order book depth indicator is available as well. It works exactly the same way, but uses data of multiple exchanges. These exchanges can be configured.
Order Book Depth Indicator
Order Book Depth Overlay
Displays order book depth as bands around the price candle. Color and transparency indicate which side of the order book has how big of an advantage over the other.
As with the regular order book depth indicator, the overlay can be shown using an aggregation of multiple exchanges.
Order Book Depth Overlay
Order Book Top Levels
Keeps track of the largest 10 price levels at any given time and displays them as lines on the chart. Their appearance is based on how large the level is compared to the largest level in view.
The number of price levels that should be displayed can be configured. The price range can also be adjusted to match the categories defined by the order book depth indicator.
Order Book Top Levels
Volume By Side
Similar to a normal volume indicator, but very different. Buy orders will be shown above a zero level, sell orders below it. An additional plot indicates the difference between the two.
Available for trades of any size, but also for categories based on the trade's size valued in USD. Categories are divided between these amounts: 0, 1k, 10k and 100k.
A separate indicator, based on mean volume instead of total volume, can also be displayed. It is calculated by dividing total trade volume by trade count.
Volume By Side Indicator
Volume By Side Divergence
A divergence plot can be enabled to show when trade volume does not match the price candle. For example, having a close higher than open, yet more sell volume than buy volume.
Volume Divergence Indicator
When a long position is liquidated it is displayed below a zero level and a short position above it. Currently only available for Binance Futures, Bitmex, Bitfinex and Deribit.
Available for positions of any size, but also for categories based on the position's size valued in USD. Categories are divided between these amounts: 0, 1k, 10k and 100k.
Liquidations Indicator
Open Interest
Open Interest Indicator
Funding Rate
Funding Rate Indicator
Order Book
As any other order book, it displays supply and demand. There are five precision levels available, ranging from low to high detail.

Additionally, the categories used in the order book depth indicator are displayed as a line.

Automatically adjusts to a single column view instead of dual column when resized to smaller dimensions or viewed on smaller screens.

Clicking on a price level reveals its changes over time in the order book changes feature.
Order Book
Order Book Changes
Every time a bid or an ask changes, it gets recorded. These additions and subtractions are then displayed per price level and per side of the order book. They can be also be viewed using different rolling windows of time. Selecting a price level will show its changes over time in more detail.
Order Book Changes
Available after selecting a price level, this view shows additions and subtractions in total, as well as over time during the selected window. The timestamps roll forward on a regular interval. With stickyness enabled, the highest bid and lowest ask are kept selected automatically.
Order Book Changes Price Level
Trade List
A standard realtime list of trades enhanced with unique features.

Filter this list by categories based on trade size valued in USD. Categories are divided between these amounts: 0, 1k, 10k and 100k.

In addition to time, price and amount, a bar is shown reflecting the proportional size of the trade.

Trades have their timestamps brightly colored after they've just occurred, then slowly fading out as times goes by.
Trade List
A compact view allows for convenient management of alerts. They can be (un)paused, reconfigured and removed at will and their status is indicated by a colored icon. A clearable log of recently triggered alerts is included as well.
There are a multitude of options available when creating alerts. Most indicators are supported and in addition to a browser pop-up, alerts can be sent to a telegram account or a sound effect in your browser.
Create Alert
Watch Lists
Watch lists provide the opportunity to sort and filter markets with ease and to quickly get a good grasp of the state of the market place.

Sort by exchange, symbol, price and difference between day open and close. Manually reordering markets is also supported.

Includes basic features, such as duplicating, renaming and clearing lists.
Watch List
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Resize and Move
Market Totals
Order Book Depth
Using the categories defined by the order book depth indicator, it provides an overview of ratios between bids and asks.

Also shows the aggregation of all exchanges and can be toggled between cumulative and noncumulative.
Order Book Depth Totals
Bid / Ask Range
Graphically displays the highest bid and lowest ask. Automatically adjusts to changing conditions.

Every bar is scaled in proportion to the highest bid and lowest asks across all exchanges.
Bid / Ask Range
Price Range
Exchanges move along a bar, ranging from lowest to highest price across all exchanges.
Price Range